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1. Jesus Christ is the one and only Higher Power. The program is a Christ-centered ministry.

2. The Bible* and Celebrate Recovery curriculum consisting of the Leader’s Guide, four Participant Guides, and the Celebrate Recovery Journal are to be used exclusively. The Large Group lessons are taught from the Leader’s Guide, keeping at least the acrostic and the Scriptures as the key points in the lessons. This is to keep consistency within groups, allowing teachers to be creative with the introduction and conclusion of each lesson.

Life’s Healing Choices, Your First Step to Celebrate Recovery, and Celebrate Recovery Daily Devotional books are part of the approved curriculum. You will find these books may be used in many creative ways in your Large Group, Newcomers group, and Step Study groups.

Celebration Place is the approved Celebrate Recovery curriculum for kids. The Landing is the approved Celebrate Recovery curriculum for students (7th- 12th grade). They’re the only curriculum that ties directly with the Celebrate Recovery curriculum for adults.


3. The ministry is “group based.” All groups are gender specific and use the “Five Small Group Guidelines” and format.


4. There are NO online Celebrate Recovery groups. Face-to-face group meetings ONLY.


5. The Celebrate Recovery “Five Small Group Guidelines” are implemented and followed every time.


6. We expect each group to be accountable to Christ, the local church, and the model of Celebrate Recovery established at Saddleback Church.


7. Celebrate Recovery is a ministry of the local church. Celebrate Recovery has not, and will not, attempt to dictate any doctrine or policy to a local church. It is the position of Celebrate Recovery that a local Celebrate Recovery ministry should follow the doctrine and policies of their local church, and continue to be thankful for their continued support.

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