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Children's Pastors l Roberta and Nelson Pena

Roberta & Nelson Peña are your children’s ministry pastors.  Nelson was born and raised in the neighborhood and knows everyone there! Everywhere they walk, he is greeted by young and old. He is respected and is a great example in the community of how Christ changes lives. Roberta met Nelson 2005 she first moved to NYC to follow the call Christ. He was serving as a greeter and he met her at the doors of Trinity and gave her a huge hug!

After serving as the Children’s pastor for 2 years, Nelson stepped in by Roberta’s side to co-pastor with her. They were married 2 years later and have been serving together ever since. Nelson has 3 grown children that Roberta loves and adores; and they have yet to start our own family together. In the meantime, God has blessed them with lots of children to care for at church and they love it! The children call them Uncle Nelson & Auntie Berta. Nelson has the biggest heart and it shows when he interacts with the kids. The kids love to be in friendly competition with him in anything they do. It’s always a fun time when they “beat” him!

Nelson and Roberta are polar opposites in their teaching approach. Jokingly, he says Roberta is the brains and he’s the muscle! It’s proven to be a great balance and effective way to touch the hearts of the kids they see each week. They love that God has allowed them to serve in a way that fulfills the passions that He has given them to nurture and teach children. Let them Come – and they will gladly accept them with open arms!

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