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Youth Director l Sabrina Harley

Trinity's Youth Director is Sabrina Harley.


She has been attending Trinity Community Church since June 2001. She became a member in 2005 with her two oldest children.  They were baptized here at Trinity and became part of children's church and the youth ministry as they grew.  They are now fully grown, but her two youngest still attend church. 


Over the years, she has volunteered in various functions, such as attending youth convention as a chaperon, co-leading TAGS, and lending her voice to the worship team as a background vocal.  Throughout her time at Trinity, she had always wanted to work with the children and/or youth ministry, but didn't really know where her place was. It wasn’t the right time until 2014. 

In 2014, the youth pastor stepped down leaving Trinity without a youth ministry and a youth leader.  During this time of transition, she began to pray and ask God where He wanted her in the church and how she could be used for His kingdom.  The youth were placed on her heart in a major way; and in 2015, she became the youth director. 


Since then, and with prayer and support, Trinity’s youth is re-emerging as Trinity’s Lifted Up Youth.  She continue's to pray and ask God for guidance as He uses her to teach Trinity’s youth through His Word. 

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